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My collections

Collecting some precious or rare things is always a part of hobby but here in my case it is different. I am not collecting anything purposefully and I don’t have any hobby related to rare collections. You can see that my home is packed with some precious gifts and collections. My friends those who don’t know about my part time activities in Bangalore escorts asking me that from where I am getting these much precious collection of articles. I am simply keeping silence that doesn’t want to disclose anything about my secret services. I know my friends are jealous on me.

My boyfriends are very rich and leading luxurious life, at the same time most of them are lovable. They used to meet me in the weekends and some of them in weekdays also. To make their girlfriend happy my clients giving me some gifts every time. And I am feeling happy when I am getting very valuable gifts like watches, cosmetics, costumes, ornaments and many other things. Of course their gifts made me to deliver the best companion services to them. I think this is a tip to my clients who are approaching me for high profile escort services in Bangalore.

Sexy Hair Style

What do you think about the hairstyle of an independent escort girl in Bangalore? Of course, I don’t know what my boyfriends are thinking about my hair. But every day I am facing lots of questions and problems related to it. I have started my Bangalore escorts services 1 year back and that exact moment on-wards I am getting questions about my hair. Please don’t think that the peoples are asking only about my hair. They need to know lots of things about my assets like the size of boobs, height, the colour of skin, my activities, my hobbies, my services and much more.

The question about my hair was not expected but it happened in day one. I was surprised to hear the question from one of my new clients. I was answer-less but I told him that I have good hair and attractive hair like that. He said okay. After that, I have faced the question many times and I have given beautiful answers for those questions. I understood later that some peoples have some sexual feelings towards the hair of girls and they have different type feelings for types of hairstyles. Now I am planning to do the modifications based on the requirement of my dearest clients.

My Friends

If anyone of your friends earns some large scale money will make you also to follow the same way, right? The same thing happened in my case also. After relocating from Mumbai to Bangalore I have started my Independent escort services. And as soon as I started to earn more money than anyone’s expectation my friends started to run after me. At any cost, they need to know about the source of my income and how it is possible to lead a luxurious life. I was not ready to disclose the details about my part-time activities and companion services.

My friends have used all possible ways to find out the source and my activities. I am very clever to hide the secrets so they requested me to disclose the secret. One of my close friends asked me the details and she told me that she is ready for anything to earn and to lead a luxurious life like me. Most of my friends are very cute and sexy. They are working as nurses, sales girls, personal secretaries, fashion models, IT professionals etc. I am sure that if I disclose the secret behind my success they will also ready to come with me as the fresh Bangalore escorts. But still, I am thinking whether it is good or bad for my career.

Unlimited Fun

Every day we are answering hundreds of questions related to our Bangalore escorts services. Most of the questions are related to the rates, quality of services, appearance of the girl, number of sessions, rate difference between in-call and out-call, profile details of the girl, safety and security of the clients etc. most of the clients are interested in full night service because there is no limitation about the sessions or activities. They know very well that short term services are strictly limited. This limitation of time and sessions made short term services not preferred by the common peoples who need maximum entertainment.

Let’s describe the advantages of our full night service. This service will help our clients to enjoy their maximum with lots of activities. Our clients can take their escort girls for night club, shopping, night drive, watching movie, late night dinner, romantic places and much more. After all they can come back to their secret place to have real fun up to morning. Bangalore nights are unlimited and our full night Bangalore escort services are also unlimited with lots of erotic sessions and requested special services. We hope that after reading this article our clients will take interest in our full night Bangalore escorts services.

Happiest man with me

I have seen a happiest man two days back, fortunately he is my client. As I explained in my personal website he took the appointment for my adult entertainment services three days back. He was ready to meet all the requirements and he is also ready to give my remuneration. Simply I understood that he is a genuine as well as a rich client. He has sent his photograph by WhatsApp and he forwarded the details of his Bangalore escorts necessities. Everything is fine for me including his behavior, talking over phone, explaining his requirements and over all his external character. As a dedicated Bangalore Escorts I have prepared well for the event.

After three days he came to pick me from my office premises and take me to one of the best five star hotels in Bangalore. He looks thirty five years old and appearance like a film star. He has offered the best dishes available in the restaurant for my dinner and he taken me to the night club in Bangalore. I was really enjoying each and every moment with him. At last we reached back to the hotel room. I know that now it is my turn to make him happy. I did it perfectly with my best lever and I have delivered some special service upon his request. Next day I can feel his happiness on his face I am sure that he is the happiest man in the world within that particular moment.

Why me? as Bangalore Escorts

I am very happy to invite the peoples of Bangalore to my first blog post in my personal website. Here I would like to describe why you need to chose me for your personal entertainment or secret companion services. You know that there are a large number of companion service providers in Bangalore. And they have described about their advantages and packages in their online portals. But if you have approached them for your secret services you can see that the escort executives they are used to deliver Bangalore escorts services are prostitutes or call girls, they are not at all escort girls.

If you have reached such a place what you will do? Sometimes you will compromise with your requirement and you will take any of them to fulfill your needs but you will not be satisfied. I am sure that a common can recognize the genuine escort girl from a group of prostitutes. That is the specialty of a good escort girl. If you need genuine Bangalore escorts services connect me because I am a working professional as well as leading model in the Bangalore city, and offering my services very secretly. There are only a very small number of genuine escort girls available in Bangalore and I am one of them. I think you have understood why you need to approach me for? Keep connected.

Independent Escorts in Bangalore

How many people know that what is the real meaning behind the word independent? Simply we can say that if a person is not dependent on any persons or things is called independent. But while we are coming to the field of escorts it is a different concept. Independent escorts is like a free bird, she can go anywhere at any time. Nobody can stop her wishes, movements, dreams and time, because she is like a free bird. She can meet her boyfriends any time anywhere and she can change her boyfriends anytime without prior notice. And she can fly continental to continental freely.

Now we can come to the point, an independent escort girl is not associated with any escort agencies or third parties. She is doing her escort activities as per her wish. I forget to tell you an important point about independent escort girl; she is the most required service provider in Bangalore, because the people believe that an independent escort girl can only deliver the perfect experience of real girlfriend experience. She can serve her clients without any mental pressure. Those real feels of freedom on escort services make an independent girl most favorite among the peoples who have luxurious escorts services regularly.

Modeling and escorts in Bangalore

My blog post heading sounds nothing but there is internal meaning between these two words. When I have joined in one of the leading advertisement agency based in Bangalore I was very happy because I feel that it is a very good opportunity for me. But it was a tough time for me. I am not getting any opportunities to work with branded companies. Whenever they are coming for selecting a good and sexy fashion model for their company they are choosing other models. And I have noticed that those girls are not much good looking like me. I asked many times myself that how they are getting chances like this.

One day one of my colleagues told me that I need to change my attitude and must be ready to enjoy with my clients then only I can become a leading model in Bangalore. This may be the first time I am hearing about Bangalore escort services. After considering all the facilities that I will get in the future I ready to serve my clients in all levels. This made me the best fashion model in south India. Now I can manage multiple clients at a time with my magical activities. I think now the people can find the real relationship with the two words modeling and escorts.

Unforgettable experience in Heaven

Our lives are changing very fast; sometimes we could not remember some small but sweet experiences in our lives. Photographs and video graphs are helping us to keep come memories for us. I believe that moments are very short to remember and the speed of seconds is increased than before. Such a situation gives more importance to have an unforgettable experience in life. Let me come to the point, as a genuine Bangalore escorts girl I can give you a sweet and memorable experience of hot erotic actions with me. My mere offers are not leading my clients to a heavenly experience but whoever approaching me for their favorite service can make them the king of their heaven.

For the last one year I am here In Bangalore and I am delivering my services for only selected boyfriends who can adopt me as their lovable girlfriend and who can meet my requirements without any doubt. As I have given the heading of this blog post my special services will remain unforgettable for a life time. And the same will make them keep connected with me for their sexual intercourse service. I hope my boyfriends are remembering me every day for a single time. I believe that the readers of my escort blog will connect me for their memorable experience.

Top Class Customers

I think you have read and understood about me and my specialties. I have explained each and every point very carefully within this website pages and blog posts. As a genuine independent Bangalore escort girl I have my own restrictions. You know well that I am getting hundreds of phone calls every day asking about the service details and availability. I could not serve all the peoples who are trying to connect me with lots of money and other facilities. I can serve maximum one or two peoples in a single day. So I am very careful to choose my escort client.

Money is not the factor that leads me to a good client. I will observe each and every call to find the most luxurious escort client who can give not only the money but also a real feel of security and romance. I will choose those clients who can arrange five or seven star hotels as my meeting place. Those peoples who are looking for genuine girlfriend experience must be ready to give me a genuine feel or experience of real boyfriend. I have to enjoy my life along with my genuine Bangalore escorts services. Please understand my situation and avoid unwanted calls to talk with me.