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Escort girls enjoying erotic fun?

The Group of Independent Escorts in Bangalore

The Group of Independent Escorts in Bangalore

Hello my dear clients, hope you all are enjoying your secret moments with your girlfriends. The IT hub of India is offering all possible choices to enjoy your life without any limitations. I am very happy because I am also a part of that. If you are a regular visitor of my personal website you may know that I am coming up with latest articles to communicate with my clients. This time I am writing a fresh article which made me think about myself. I didn’t think that a question which is asked by one of my clients will made me think a lot about my Bangalore escorts and its levels.

I was amazed while heard this question from one of my boyfriend or regular client. Actually I don’t know the exact reason behind this question. Sometimes he feels that I am not enjoying his strokes while we were in our erotic sessions. And one of my escorts friend also faced this question while she was on a trip to Nepal as a travel companion for a leading business man of Bangalore. She also didn’t understand why that guy asked this question to her. As a leading independent Bangalore escort girl my answer is very simple that an escort girl can enjoy each and every stroke of a real man.

Before approaching a Bangalore escorts service provider you need to do a basic study to understand the sexual capacity of a female to enjoy sex with multiple persons. Male will get an end of sex with an ejaculation but a female sex feel not end with anything. She can enjoy sex hundred times in a day with multiples males. This is a truth not a misleading statement from a hot special escorts model of Bangalore city. If you have any more doubt you can ask any sexologist. Hope you have enjoyed my blog post about sex and enjoyment, thanks and keep connected for more informative blog posts.

Safety and security in Bangalore

Whenever a person is searching for an escort in Bangalore he needs it “safety and security”. Because he has a very good personal or family life and he don’t want to break it at any cost. That is the main reason he is thinking about a safe and secured Bangalore escorts in the city. What is safety in escort services? As per the words of clients safety means two things the first one is he needs safety from the cops or legal authorities and the second is he needs safe sex with the girls who must be hygiene and not affected with any kind of sexually transferable diseases. Am I right?

And what is security? I think the security means he need privacy form all other external things like public and other external disturbances. Then only he can enjoy the sex with a particular escort girl. And he must be secured from the knowledge of his family. I think these are the real meaning of safety and security that related to escort services in Bangalore. Here I am assuring top class safety and security from our side with the help of a professional team who are offering the best security service in Bangalore. Hope you believe my words and connect me for your high profile Bangalore escorts with my adult entertainment services. Thank you for reading this article.

My out-call services

The term out-call is very familiar in the world of companionship or escort services. For me, out-call services is a different world and I would like to call it the world of sexual freedom. My boyfriends are always taking me to the best and romantic place in the city. And of course, it will be the safest place because both of us need safety and security to enjoy our sessions without any worries about the external things. Mostly it will be a star hotel and I am enjoying my time there with delicious foods, expensive liquor, and sex. These are the main factors that attracted me to go for out-call services with Bangalore escorts.

The concepts in-call and out-call are extremely different, in-call is delivering services in my home but it is boring for me even it is very much romantic zone. I love out-call I can go anywhere with my boyfriend and I feel the real freedom because my movements are not restricted between the walls. This freedom will help me to behave like a real girlfriend. And of course, this feeling is required by my clients. So I must say that we will go for out-call to enjoy our time with each other.

Suppressed Feelings

Erotic feelings are God’s good gift to human emotional satisfaction and there is no wrong about it. It is not dirty or filthy. It is clean, eternal and all-pervading. Apart from it being medium to procreate life, it is also an act to achieve Supreme Bliss. As a leading and well known Bangalore escorts I would like to say you that suppressed sex often results in the degeneration of the human ethos; many heinous sex crimes are committed, so opine the experts, because of this suppressed sexual urge. Sex is like a perennial river flowing with joy. If you try to obstruct its flow by having various bridges and dams of taboos and prohibitions constructed across it, it would burst out in unseemly directions, gushing out whatever opening it espies.

I just need to tell you one thing that approaching a Bangalore escorts for meeting your sexual requirements is not at all a bad thing. Even the unnatural sex acts leading to the much feared dreaded disease like AIDS are the result of suppression and the nature’s revenge against man disturbing its norm of propriety. It is to channelize it in proper direction and convert this natural urge to a constructive force that the institution of marriage was devised. As the various researchers have proved, the basic cause of nuptial unhappiness is the maladjustment between man and his wife resulting, out of their ignorance to take sex as it is.

The fun way to look younger

A new study suggests that the more sex you have, the more youthful and healthy you will feel. But you have to note a point that the mechanics of sex are far less important than the emotional quality of our sex lives. A good sex life can make you look and feel younger, a study has shown. Men and women can reverse the ageing process by making love more than twice a week, according to the study by scientists at Edinburgh University, involving 3,500 adults who looked 12 to 14years younger than their age.

Consultant psychotherapist, Dr. Sidney Crown, an expert in sexual and marital issues, agrees with the findings. “Physically, it has a beneficial effect on the skin. People look healthy because their hormones are circulating and their skin tends to age less quickly,” he says. Their general muscular tone is better, partly because people take the trouble to look good and feel happier and more contented. They tend to feel more proud of themselves and can express their egos.

Feel of postures

I think there is no need to teach my clients about sex but this blog post will help some of you to enjoy perfectly while you are doing Bangalore escorts. Try to follow these rules maximum to maximize your sex pleasure. Variety is the essence of charm. Re petition of a few conventional postures tend to make sex mechanical and monotonous. Posture variations can be used with advantages to add new dimensions to go for new sessions. The tantric sadhana is a prolonged process and hence it demands the introduction of variety of positions and posture to avoid monotony. Improvisation in a tantric sex is an important as it is in secular sex indulgence. It means ‘making do’. It means making love without resorting to conventional and pre-planned postures. Improvisation forms one of the most important elements of mutual satisfying and creative tantric sex. Sex in tantra becomes most demanding. And it can be met only improvisation in postures.

The posture and position adopted at the time of coital act is equally important. A posture that is easy and comfortable is good. But to adopt the same stance always is hardly desirable. Avoid monotony and routine and add new dimensions to this side also. Bring an element of pleasant surprise, freshness and variety in your posture every time you begin your session. There are many postures. Try and see which one suits and favors you both. A man prone to early climax may adopt the inverted coital pose and its variations to advantage. In this pose the man lies on his back straight with thighs and legs together and women’s rides him. But remember it, the repeated use of any or limited number of positions would make them insipid and routine.

Enjoy Dating

Do you like dating? Secretly I am asking this question to you. If I am asking this question in front of some people, of course you will say NO, but here I am asking you secretly, YES I know you are ready. Because you need enjoy some time with me in Bangalore escorts. I will take you to the most silent areas of Bangalore where we can enjoy our time with lots of fun and other activities. I have something to say about my service of dating. It is a paid one and of course you have no limitations on any activities. First you go to my gallery page, and check whether you like me or not. Dating is something bigger than we think, do you know that?

The popularity and participation in dating is not a small concept, it is wider than Indians think. Worldwide millions of people flock to speed dating venues every month. This industry, with a turnover of millions of Dollars, is a prospering one. And innovations are a part of this game. For the uninitiated, speed dating, is a fairly simple game, where you get to meet 10 prospective dates for three minutes each just like a body massage. When time is up a bell rings and you change your partner. It is up a game of creating fast and lasting first impressions. And, to a certain extent, also about asking the right questions.

My escort friends

I have lots of friends who are used to offer high class escort services in Bangalore area. I think most of them are very attractive and very cute to make our clients happy with the appearance. They don’t have good escorts website like mine and sometimes they are taking my works in other words I am sharing my Bangalore escorts works with them. I think this is the right way to keep good and close friendships. Any way my boyfriends are very happy to have escort services with my friends, because my friends are very cute and attractive.

My friends are from Mumbai and Delhi, but they were not offering their independent escort services in their native places. In Bangalore escorts they are working as nurses and fashion models with leading firms. My friends are saying that they need more fun and money, so Bangalore escorts is the one and only way to make more from less. I am sharing my clients with those friends to enjoy their time. Hope you will connect me for my friends. Thank you and keep connected.

Time for a session

It is time you gradually start disrobing her meekly and slowly unbutton her blouse and cast it away. Do not rush to take out her bodice. The breasts bund in the bodice with their half open sensuousness help turning the groom on. Caress her bound breasts with your velvety touch. Let the groom’s finger intrude in the fold of the breast. Press the bride’s nipples by your first ginger and thumb, meekly kneading them. You would definitely feel them getting harder. Now you take your bride’s bodies off. Fondling her open creamy breasts, kiss the bride still harder on her lips by holding her both the breasts in your two hands.

Hot breath would become audible and she would start pressing against the groom’s body. Now the groom puts his hands under the folds of petticoat or skirt and rubs the bride’s buttocks. The line separating the two buttocks is a very sensitive erotic zone in a woman’s anatomy. Caress the line with your middle finger while rubbing the buttocks by your hand. Your other hand should start clutching the Mound. Rub your left hand’s finger in her pubic hairs. By this time your bride would be quite charged to press your shoulders hard by her hands. Guide her one hand to your penis region and let her play with your balls and penis. To be continued..

Self defence by escorts

Please don’t think that offering escort or companion service is an easy job where you can earn big amount money every day. I think most of our clients are not aware about the risk level of these services. As we are in India our culture is extremely different from western and European countries where escort services and sex related activities are very common. The legal actions against these services are comparatively low. One of my friends from Brazil told me that doing sex in their country is just like drinking a tea. Unfortunately we born in India and we are not allowed to enjoy sex with other peoples rather than that the female is our wife.

Most of the youngsters and mid aged peoples love to enjoy sex with different people but we are not allowed. This demand made us to offer high profile escort service to the top class peoples. The easy of cops are always searching for the follows like me. Our each and every movement are targeted with an escape from the handcuffs of our cops. If we got caught need to go to prison. SO compared to our risk our service charges are very low. I have formed a list of activities to defend from the attacks of cops and Medias.