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Feeling of insecurity

Good day to you and welcome to another blog post by the authentic Bangalore escorts girl in the city. Here my subject is marriage and something different from all other subjects of Bangalore escorts. Marriage acts as a reliever against loneliness. But at its worst, marriage can also be a cause of isolation. Insecurity also reflects in the stressful relations. It need not be financial insecurity as nowadays women are getting financially more secure, it is an emotional insecurity fear of living alone that makes a person sick and depressed. You have money, power, success but nobody to share it with; it’s really scary. It is human nature that no matter how successful a person is, he or she wants to share that achievement with somebody, preferably with a life partner, with the family or kids. Money can give financial security but companionship alone can give emotional strength. This emotional strength is the backbone of any achievement, which comes along with the appreciation of the person you love.

As the best Bangalore escorts my opinion is the security in love often makes people lose their self-confidence. Obviously this is not a healthy sign for physical and mental health. Detachment from loved ones always stops enhancement of the personality. When you know that your partner will be there when you need him or her, it boosts energy and encourages one to go further in every sphere of life. Love concentrates on the well-being of the spouse. We take time to listen to the thoughts, feelings, and desires of our spouses. Men and women need to comfort of each other when facing problems and difficulties. The feelings of insecurity and unrest will disappear and life will be more meaningful, happy and interesting if there is someone who is willing to share another’s burden.

The lost world

After a long time of thinking I have planned to post something different from my website subject Bangalore escorts. When I was a small girl I was longed to go to US and study in Oxford University. The wish was stated after watching an English movie in which the hero and heroine were the students of Oxford University. Recently I have read one article about the Oxford University, It was amazing and the history of the same made me exited. The article was started as the words given below.

Rome was not built in a day, and neither were Oxford and Harvard –two of the world’s most prestigious universities. As the oldest university in the world, the Oxford University can lay claim to 9 centuries of continuous existence. There is no clear date of foundation, but teaching existed at Oxford in some from 1096 and developed rapidly from 1176 when Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris. So Oxford has become what is today only after being in existence for around 9 centuries.

These lines made me to memorize about my college time why I didn’t tried to go to US and study there? The question kept answer-less. But here I am happy with my current life, job and activities. And It is enough for my life, so what is the need of thinking about these kind of things.

Any need of rape?

Women all over the world were immediately outraged at the accusation that they were responsible for men raping them. Their spontaneous swell of anger caused police people to withdraw their word immediately and apologize, but the damage has been done. Some feminist send some statements related to escort services in the town that this kind of rape cases are comparatively controlled because of the escort girls services.

Women worldwide furious and their anger bought them together. They organized a march and move to with a protest against these words in which they thoughtlessly persisted with the age-old practice of blaming women on the inability or unwillingness of males to control themselves which lead them to rape and sexually assault women.

A delightful experience

The first kiss is the most memorable experience in a person’s life. Even it is very short or in hurry kiss, nobody will forget it. When two persons kiss, they are transported another world and for a moment they forget all the worries. I have read some valuable tips for kiss in a magazine last day, and that made me to write an article on this subject. The article consists of most of the tips and techniques for planting a perfect and memorable kiss. I really enjoyed that article and kept aside to hand over someone special in life. As an escort girl I have experienced most of the kisses in the world, especially in Bangalore escorts.

If one knows how to go about it kiss will became an enjoyable experience otherwise it will lead to lifelong bitter experience and disappointment. There is another kiss which is not mentioned in the write up that is affectionate kiss. It is the kiss that a person plants on her/his beloved’s forehead to wishing him or her to get well soon. It is the most effective way to express one’s love and affection. It reflects the love of mother or father, isn’t it? Any way I think and believe kiss is the best way to express your love to another.

Limitations of Independent girl

There are hundreds of escort agencies across Bangalore; every agency has hundreds of websites. And each website is offering high profile Bangalore escort services. Have you ever think that how many escort agencies can deliver genuine escort services to its clients? Three or four agency can only do that and rest of them simply offering it. Even the clients know that there are lots of limitations for the escort services in Bangalore. Nowadays Dubai Blooms facing a big problem, we have added profiles of independent escort girls within our website, most of them are very cute and clients will choose any of them. But the problem is something different.

I could not assure the availability of genuine independent Bangalore escorts executives on time because they are working professionals and doing job for corporate companies in Bangalore. Whenever I am taking an appointment I have to inform that particular Call girl. If she is busy with her job she will not answer our call, so we could not give assurance to our clients. I think there is only one solution for this and that is just avoided fixing the appointment without the confirmation of time. I am just publishing this post to avoid the misunderstandings between the clients and team Fantasy Club.

Respect yourself otherwise others won’t

As the old ages goes “We teach people how to treat us”. Ironical as it is, we often out up with behavior that is simply not acceptable. We allow people to treat in a shoddy manner, by putting up with behavior we find unacceptable. We often do this simply to avoid any confrontations or differences. However, if you keep on such behavior, it leads to a sense of resentment. You hate yourself for putting up with such behavior in the first place. To overcome this, you need to decide that henceforth you would like to be treated with respect. This also means that you have to treat others with respect. Ask yourself what ‘being treated with respect’ means to you. You then need to find out ways and means to enforce this. The next step is to look at the people in your life. Will they be willing to change their behavior towards you? If not, can you do anything about this?

My friend Neha sharma, a 40 years old married woman says” in the initial days of my marriage, as another newlywed, I was very keen to blend with my newly acquired family. I began to bend backwards to please all the members of my family. I used to go along with whatever they said, do whatever they asked me to do, howsoever ridiculous or unreasonable their demand were. I simply could not utter the two letter word”no”. Even if my spouse forbade me to meet my relatives or friends, I used to simply give in to his demands. “But, over time I began resenting myself for not being able to stand up for what I want. I began to see myself as a weak person, not being able to speak her mind. And as I started to fall in my own eyes, the behavior those around me also began to change drastically. My relatives, in-laws and friends began to take me for granted. It was only after a great deal of introspection that I began to realize that the more I allowed people to treat me in a shabby manner, the more they really did. It was with great deal of determination that I began to assert myself. While, of course, I was never rude or impolite, I used to make it clear that I too had my own wishes and needs, and that I could not always go along with others wishes.

You want to agree with this?

The morel side of our country is going to be more western style. But it is true that most of our men in Indian like the western life secretly and talking against the western culture. My experiences are enough to prove the same. Most of my clients are married men who need my service very secretly, and they are trying to be connected for more sessions. Here I am posting a part of an article discussing about the escort services in Bangalore or other major cities of India. I am not ready to say that the points they have discussed is always correct in our culture, better you decide it after reading the next paragraph.

This is a reference to a query of a college going girl seeking advice about her nice friends, nice girls from good families, who are working as call girls in 5 start hotels to earn fast buck. This is a new trend that needs to be addressed at the earliest, as it gradually eats into the moral fabric of our society. That fact is that there is not much of a difference between so-called “good family girls” and others in their attitude towards life. While a couple of decades ago, one couldn’t even think of such things, pre and post marital relationships have became a part of almost woman everyone’s life. Sadly , even some glossy magazines promote such tendencies in the name of “independence” and “sexual empowerment” and “creativity” Needless to say , these woman themselves will have to bear the consequences of their thoughtless actions. I think it is some time the so called liberated who have messed up modern women, were re-liberated again.

Stunning experience in Coorg

“Truly stunning experience” I went to Coorg last week with one of boyfriends; it was an amazing experience for me. We have started in the night from Bangalore for a full night drive. We have reached Madikeri District around 4’ o clock morning. The cold wind with love dreams covered both of our bodies. A real feel of honey moon, I requested my boy friend that “shall we spend around 1 hour on the road?” he was also happy to say Yes. A real feel of that we are staying in the cloud and the road was not visible because of the fog.

My boyfriend had already booked a home stay there for us which were made of woods. They charged around 5000 rupees for one day stay and homemade food. The place was surrounded by blue hills and forest. We saw one water fall in between those hills. I was thinking that I am working in any IT or multinational companies I could not see the place freely. It is only because of I am Bangalore escorts girl. Thank you for reading my experience at Coorg.

Those who are not happy

No other profession can guarantee happiness or specified rise in the career graph rather than escort profession. Do you know why I am happy with my profession? Why this Bangalore escorts is good for me? Some other professions like nursing or any other medical profession are no exception. For ever satisfied professional there is one probably not happy with one aspect or the other of the profession. One of my friend who is working as a nurse has a different story to tell. She started her career as a nurse in Government hospital but the working conditions are not that great. She felt they had their favorites who were given timely bonuses and promotions. Her husband went to work in middle-east and she had to give up the job. When she returned 5 years later, she joined in a private sector. Working in a small nursing home she was happy as they mostly had delivery cases. But then she needed to change again, as the salary was not good, so she opted for private nursing.

This time she was with an old lady who was paralyzed. My friend need to do body massage and other treatments for that lady. She took care of her for 12 hours a day. In the end the family started treating her like a servant, asking her to do kitchen work when the old women used to sleep. She is a nurse, not a domestic servant. So she left the job and currently looking for some other jobs. What we understood with this experience? Nobody is happy with their profession. But here in my case I am very much happy, because with my job I making money every day and enjoying my time with lots of boyfriends. I am not going to attract to my field but simply saying you that I am happy with my Bangalore escorts job.

Truth behind my satisfied clients

Hi welcome to another Blog post of Uma Rai this may be a warning to those wives who are not supporting or not allowing for their basic rights as your husband. I am sure that I am the right person to post about this subject. The problems within the family lead many me to Bangalore escorts services. Keep reading and understand the real issue behind this.

Thus, the wife who pulls up husband for not paying the electricity bill finds him putting the sexual shutters down. Even he indulges he can provide neither pleasure nor satisfaction. Selfishness mars the sex act as nothing else does. Some fail because one partner puts pressure on the other to perform sexually. And the partner then adds a hint from the past- that last time he was not full, or that she was dry. The sex fountain goes dry at such a mere suggestion because it is more in mind, less in the body. This interferes with fulfillment. Love life is frustrating as warmth is missing 2 ice slabs cannot make love. Thank you for reading the article by the leading Bangalore escorts service provider named Uma Rai.