Monthly Archives: August 2015

Why Should?

Why should you meet me before choosing a girl for your Bangalore escort service? Please don’t consider this as a question, it’s a symbol of confidence that you will choose me as your dream Bangalore escorts after you meet me. And of course you have to avoid all the other common escorts service providers who could not give you quality based escorts in Bangalore as per your wish. Do you know why I am writing such a blog post? Because it happened last week, and I was very much happy to became the most wanted Bangalore escort girl in the city.

One client met me unfortunately while I was passing through lounge of a star hotel in Bangalore. He was waiting for his Bangalore escort service provider. After seeing me he just came near to me and asked whether I am ready to serve him. I told him that today my escorts service has been fixed with another high class personality so I will meet him in the next day. He was very happy to hear that and cancelled the appointment with another Bangalore escorts service provider for whom he was waiting for. I helped me to improve my confidence level as a high class Bangalore escort girl.

Please try to understand that I am not doing this blog post regarding my Bangalore escort service to mislead you. It happened and it will happen again in my escorts service career. I will send my pictures to you before we are meeting so it will be helpful for you to know about my figures as a well known Bangalore escort girl and you can compare me with the other common Bangalore escort girls with whom you have already a talk with. The pictures that I have added in Bangalore escort website is not mine, it’s all demo content to make my escort website more attractive.

The way to reach me

Previously it was very easy to access my Bangalore escorts service through my website. The phone number or email id was that easy way to connect me. But I have changed all the systems and ways for connecting me for more secured service. I think the newly introduced system will help both of us to go for a secured deal. The number of fake requirements and prank calls have been increased more than I expected and some peoples need to connect me for time pass chatting. I don’t know why the peoples are behaving without any quality.

In the newly introduced system I have used lots of filters to avoid the fake or prank clients who just need a time pass activity. You know that my Bangalore escort services are extremely different from all the common escort service providers and no other service providers can assure the availability of quality based services. Here my services will not be available within a call or within a mail, I would like to have all the personal details of the client before proceeding and I will not entertain those who are not ready to give the personal details.

Contact Details

I am doing this blog post to notify my clients who kept my contact details in their phone. I used to change my personal number and other contact details in every specific period of time. I could not tell you that time period or specific reason behind it. So please check every time whether the contact details has been changed or not. I have given my personal number to few number of regular clients who have taken my Bangalore escorts service several times. I just need to notify them that sometimes you could not connect that number that means it has been changed.

There are lots of reasons behind the change in the number. The first one is for security of the clients and those who are supporting me. And the second reason is avoid some fake clients who usually calling me for time pass chit chat. That kinds of peoples making big nuisances in my daily life. So changing the contact number is the one and only way to hide from those low class peoples. So keep connected with me through mail and that is the best way of communication to update the contact details and escort related services in Bangalore.