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Best Escorts In Bengaluru

Bangalore is dynamic. It has people from number of castes and religion staying together. There are a number of websites to book an escort we will take a look at 5 best and how they provide the service.

Classified Website Used by Everyone

Either an agency or an individual escort can post free ads about themselves here. The clients can search a term based on their requirement of male/female escorts and filter on basis of area, kilometers, and services. After you are done filtering you get a list of prospective results. Choose the one which suits you best and it shows a detailed idea about the escort. If you want to go ahead just fill up the form to contact the advertiser. You will get a call back from there end.

This website does provide a lot of functionality but does not provide authenticity. There is no authenticity about the information of the escort you chose to see. You might get conned.

Newly Launched Classified Website

This website again provides filters to begin with- the state, kind of escort, kind of body and area. The good part is after the filtered results turn up there is a contact no provided and you can call the person your own or you can also reply to the ad there itself. This website does provide both functionality and authenticity and could be trusted more. There is no third party involvement. You can contact the escort on your own.

Fresh Named Portals

This website provides an apprehensive approach. It claims to be the best in Bangalore. The agency contact no is given at the top and a list of available models with their pictures are given. Once you click on their pictures you will get to see their size, weight, availability and contact no. you can also leave reviews about them in the box below. This site does provide promising escorts and high profile requirements can be fulfilled here. You can leave your details here so that they contact you or you can directly call them up.

Branded Escorts Website

This website only provides high class models according to the requirement of silicon city. It promises to provide air hostess, Russian, dating and what not. Here also you can see genuine photos of models and you can contact there agency directly with the no given at the top. There is third party involvement and by the look of it this website does not provide authenticity.

Business based website

This website directly takes you to their rate card page so one thing is sure they are more concerned about their payments before they provide service. A professional agency will first want to provide a good service so that the customers is bound to come again and again. This site doesn’t depicts any pictures, any special filters or no features as their rival websites.

Summing up, it’s up to you to decide who you want to be friends with so go through all the above mentioned sites and take your call. They all provide promising sessions, value for money but the final stand should be taken by the client only.

Making Out With An Escort In Public

As exciting it may sound, making outdoors does have a certain level of high packed libido involvement. This comes under the category of fantasies, and yeah fantasies hold a special place in every individual’s heart because it is not less than any dream come true.

So publicly there are a few possible places and situations where in this can be done, again it depends totally on the escort and the client they should discuss everything beforehand. If the escort wants to entice the client then she may try out doing something which could help increase the excitement or go off the rack for the client.

So firstly, Communication is the key.

Here are few different situations where making out in public can help in the new adventure:

Fire Exit Staircases

This is one isolated place where a lot of couples make out. This place will not give full coverage but will help in seducing enough to start the journey to the bed. The escort will lead the client by making eye contacts, flashing every now and then. There could be proper amount of cupping, rubbing and what not. The client may feel rejuvenated and passionate.


As cliché it may sound, yes this does makes thing more exciting. The escort can wait for the client outside the restroom and when he comes out she can talk him dirty into it. The client will feel pumped up and the idea of taking the escort right there will make him more excited. From what we have seen in Hollywood movies the restroom sex always leads to better satisfaction.

Making Out In Car

This is not a public place. We can call it semipublic. With car comes the advantage of limited spacing. The women on top position will work out best here. The escort doesn’t need to take her clothes off and just a slight movement of her undergarments can do all the charm. This is a one place where everybody wants to make out either in parking lots or deserted places with lots of fresh air.

Flashing by the escort will require some amount of expertise. She should wear good lingerie to show off her bosoms and can also play with a lot of props to make the client more wanted like sucking an ice cream, sucking the tip of her finger, making her cleavage wet time to time.

All the above mentioned requirements can be fulfilled only after proper communication. One should not forget the fact that they cannot go out of hand of asking what they have already discussed. A business works on requirements and service provided. But the client has some veto power here, he can ask for a few more things on the spot if that works out well for the situation.

Fellas out there don’t be old school and stick to missionary method. Go out. Try various stuff. Make your mind, body and soul happy. New excitement will have new hormones rushing through you. Just make the best of what you have paid for.

Booking An Hotel For Seeing An Escort

Nobody wants to face the reality of any known person knowing about what they are actually up to. Every men wants to satisfy their inner demons with slight hinge of privacy. Let’s take a look at few aspects to be considered when making hotel reservation when you are seeing an escort.

Booking Hotel Locally

This could be dangerous because people around actually know you. So, always try to make booking few miles away from your place. Make sure you have proper local id and the hotel staff is aware that someone is about to come and see you. Avoid booking hotels who enquires a lot about the situation. There should not be a problem later on.

Don’t book in hotels with reviews where already raids are done. Choose a premium place which will make both of you calm and will not hinder the enjoyment. After the bookings are done let the escort know the location of the hotel and the room number. Ask her to directly come inside and she should not speak to anyone once she is inside the hotel room. The client should avoid picking up women who looks shady and might remind someone of a prostitute.

Handling Hotel’s Lobby Situations:

  • If the receptionist doesn’t let your girl in, show your girl’s ID without him requesting it – this help and increases the chances of him letting you
  • Tell the reception that your guest won’t stay for long – maximum 2 hours.
  • Try booking double rooms. Tell him to charge the room. As you have a double room, it is fully possible to book in an extra person to the room. This is the case in 90% of the hotels and it is written in their policy. A good explanation should be provided if they do not accept an extra guest.
  • Befriending the receptionists: It is obvious that having a good vibe with the receptionists will make it much easier to bring girls over. So be polite and friendly when interacting with them. Have a small chat if you have time to kill (and if there aren’t too many guests in the lobby). Try to pay attention to who works the night shift – the night shift is the receptionist you should give the most attention obviously to. Also, avoid giving unnecessary complaints about the room if your room is okay, it will just cause grief.

Booking Hotel For A Trip

After the contract is done for the vacation with escort. The client should make sure he has her id. While booking the hotel he should provide hers too so that the hotel guys have no qualms later on. Also try talking making a call to hotel’s reception before the actual date of arrival and discuss about your bookings and details entered to make sure they are aware of it.

The escort should be properly dressed, the client can ask her to dress in a certain way to avoid any suspicion and make the process easier. Overall, booking a hotel might be tedious process but it does sound better than having an escort at your own place. There are multiple websites who helps in filtering girl friendly hotels in your area or where you are travelling too. Have a nice time.


Everyone has the right to maintain their privacy. Especially this profession the escort and the client should be very particular about their private lives because there are a lot of things going on behind them in their respective lives which might get affected if they come out in open. Few things should be considered by both the client and the escort before they plan to meet.

• Always speak to the client beforehand regarding his expectations and desires.
• Be clear about the cost of the service and try getting paid as soon as you enter the room. If drunk some men pass out and this could be problematic.
• Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.
• If you feel scared or you are attacked, don’t panic try to keep the situation calm and composed.
• Always keep a pair of extra clothes in your bag in case of any emergency.
• Try to meet first time clients in hotel bar or restaurants especially if you did not get a chance to speak to them privately.
• On your way to the hotel pay attention to the areas around you for any point of safety.
• Never ever share your real name or any personal details with the client.
• Keep your phone switched off and locked all the while when you are with the client.
• If you are uncertain about a client leave immediately.
• Try to get the client under the hotel’s CCTV footage so that if something goes wrong you can have the cops take a look at it.
• Never share your real name with the agency or the escort.
• Try to do the payment once you get hold of the escort.
• If you are not sure about an escort or have some second thoughts then meet her before you arrange a session.
• Don’t carry too much cash in your wallet.
• Try to be gentle and calm.
• Don’t drink too much that you don’t have control over yourself and have no idea about what is happening around you.
• Don’t divulge your card details to the escort.
• If possible don’t carry your credit card or any personal id on you.
• If you wish to carry an Id then make sure you have a secret pocket in your coat or shirt to hide it.
• Don’t listen to the escort if she is trying to blackmail you emotionally.
• Always carry extra condom packets with you.

• Have a contract done before you reveal your identity.
• Do some background research on the escort before you leave.
• Don’t get too friendly and spill beans about your personal life.
• When buying something for the escort make sure you are doing the payment with your card
• Keep your phone locked all the time.
• Don’t let her go through your stuff.
• If her behavior feels fishy or suspicious talk to her about it.
• Avoid taking pictures together and if she has any ask her to delete it.
• If something goes wrong pay her right there, get a ticket and ask her to leave.

Planning A Trip With An Escort

This is the next step of seeing an escort. This usually happens when the client is seeking something else other than just intercourse. But as weird it may sound this is not healthy and will not prove to be a good decision in long run. Let’s take a look at few aspects and then sum up the effects or counter effects which ever sounds truer.

The Infatuation Phase

When client’s demand to see the same escort time and again, this rings the first bell alarm. This might be a good part for the agency but it is not at all good for both client and escort. When a client is emotionally broken or is seeking a passionate partner in life with no strings attached a young escort will come as a silver lining. Escorts do a great role play for being a girlfriend and they are great listener too. Older clients who are not attracted to their wives anymore want someone who makes them feel young, alive again. There libido goes high with the look a young chick. So what happens after this, what the client expects?

The Planning Phase

After a client gets obsessed with one escort he wants to spend more time with her and plans to take a trip with her. This can sound as a tricky situation because the escort has nothing to lose, the agencies can pump up the fees and earn a fortune. Few things to be taken care of while doing this are – there should be a detailed communication between the client and escort, if possible a contract in place would help a lot. The client should be very clear about his expectations and demands, he should lay out all the rules and regulations that the escort is supposed to follow in front of other people while accompanying the client. This is the phase where the intercourse just not matters any less than every other thing.

The Aftermath

So what happens when the vacation gets over, when the escort starts seeing other men, the client is left alone again and couldn’t get the same escort again and again. The client has to start with square one. And one thing to handle this situation is start seeing other high end escorts and makeup your mind about the fact that this is professional, no strings attached rule should be followed.

There is nothing called as “attachment” in this business. You come in get your job done and get out. If ever you think things are not falling into place then give yourself a break, get over the thoughts running in your head and then come back again with a bang. You are good as long as you are not dragging things up, if the client feels it’s not his cup of tea to see escorts and that he is some crack head who might get carried away he should NEVER get himself involved. Because he will ruin himself also he would waste a lot of time and money which is not good for anyone.

Introspect yourself and then get involved. You should learn about yourself first before getting involved with someone else.

Satisfying the Client’s Needs

It’s pretty common for clients to aspire for a session wherein they have a mind blowing experience which will make them come back again. So how to achieve that big O and make the most of your session with an escort. Let’s break the deal

Escorts Faking An Orgasm

Orgasms are powerful for men. So, female orgasm is a way used by men to measure their carnal capabilities. Men need to feel the masculine sense that they are able to satisfy the women, many a times the female orgasms help men to reach theirs and boosts there confidence. Many clients have selfish reasons for wanting an escort to reach orgasm because it helps them reach theirs.

As for the escort there job is to command the technique of faking an orgasm because if they don’t reach one with the client they still have to make them feel good about it. But faking only occurs when the client has no knowledge about women’s body or traits. The escort should help him, teach him and they both should reach the climax mutually.

General Ways To Reach An Orgasm

Oral pleasures are very famous in providing the big O. It’s the escort’s job to apply different methods to help his client reach orgasm if they are not aware of what makes them reach one. Some of them may include Hand job, using lotions, stripping, teasing, and of course the oral. Also a lot of moans and groans would help the client because they would know that the escort is having a good time and they are making it happen. Using a lot of words such as “faster”, “oh yeah”, “right there”, “I am going to come” will also help in reaching orgasm. Tightening the vaginal grasp, moving your pelvic muscles in rhythm with the movement of the client will also be helpful.

Never Admit To Faking

An escort should never admit to faking an orgasm. Despite his accusations, analysis do not ever confess that your climax was not authentic. Many a times clients are so impressed with their love making skills that it would destroy their confidence to think that you faked your performance. It could also damage the escort’s reputation. An escort should avoid fake performances as much as she can and should always keep it to herself.

A Tough Client

Clients are sometimes a bit hesitant or plain lazy, it’s not necessary that your client has to create an excitement for you. Take the initiative and coax him into doing something that you enjoy. A fake orgasm is great way to shift the focus of an encounter. Many a times when the escort feels that the client is wanting to continue an activity that doesn’t seem towards making any progress like unending oral sex or unending penetration may become counterproductive. In this case a quick fake orgasm on the escort’s part can redirect his behavior that may be beneficial for him to reach an orgasm.

Intercourse between two people is more of a technique process, the more you do the better you get with each experience. Enjoy your act and don’t forget to reach an orgasm today.


The word “kinky” is enough to set an oomph factor among men. Men do excited with bad and dark stuff. They are open to try various things. So let’s divulge into the details of the new world of BDSM.


The client should have a clear mindset of what all things he want to try out and how is he going to do it. Use of toys require certain knowledge. As for the escort she should be informed beforehand of the client’s requirement and she should be totally okay with it. She might ask for a higher pay but that’s okay. Pleasure need not be matched with money. The client should mention his needs specifically to the booker and he in turn should do the same with the escort. And if required the client and escort could have a detailed communication about it too. Nobody likes getting ditched at the last moment so everything should be planned out with proper intimation.


This should solely be the responsibility of the client. After having the discussion he should buy the stuff and he should have a clear idea about the sizes too. Toys can be bought by various online resources, so there credibility should also be taken care of. Also, proper hygiene should be maintained in order to avoid any infection. If the escort is personally interested in something then she can bring her toy along with her and ask the client to use it on her.


This practice may not be considered healthy but many men prefer this. They like to surrender themselves and ask women or there mistress to do things to them. This is healthy as long as both parties agree on all terms and conditions. If the women gets carried away the client can ask her to stop or if he is enjoying he can ask her to get away with it. Remember, the client is total control of the situation here. Vis a versa if the client wants the escort to surrender and perform certain acts on her the escort should comply but she has all the right to say no if it is out of the context of what has already been discussed.

Summing up, Sex is an art. India is the land of Kama sutra so if we want to try out a few different things we should certainly go ahead and do it. But having healthy and satisfying sex is also important. Hurting someone for the satisfaction will not be a good call in the long run. Being sadistic, or masochistic while intercourse totally depends on the people doing it. Last but not the least, fantasies come with a reality check. So don’t try to match your fantasy instead live in the moment and do things that you want to do at that moment. BDSM looks hot in movies reality may differ. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Enjoy your little act and stay happy.

First time with an escort

Men who decide to see an escort for the first time are anxious, because they don’t know what to expect or how to behave. One thing that they are clear about that want to make their time and worth it. We will take a look at following three situations which could be the reason seeing an escort for the first time:


If you are a virgin and decided to see and escort all of a sudden, then welcome you are in for a ride. Many a times men who meet over for a social drink get to see an escort arranged as a gift from there friend. So what are the expectations, actually none because everything happens so fast the guy is nervous. Here are a few handy tips for this situation: Play cool, don’t let your anxiety affect your performance, let your instincts play the game and don’t try to enact what you have seen in porno. Don’t go all crazy and ruin the moment. Take a deep breath and try each and everything that you have always wanted or dream of. It’s the escort’s job to make you feel good and trust me they are pretty good at that.


So finally you are done with being a good guy and using your hands to satisfy yourself. You want to try out the real stuff and decide to see an escort for your first time. A very good decision indeed. Everyone has the right to feel good and do stuff they want. Here are a few things which should be planned beforehand: Before she arrives, whether you are at home or hotel room make sure the space is tidy, be well dressed and clean not for her for yourself, you will feel good about it. When she arrives, be friendly but restrained. Give her some time to relax and you too take a good amount of time to take a look at her and check her out. Give her the fees as soon as possible and grab a drink start with the couch. Remember safe sex is very important so do check with her and ask her to initiate if you feel nervous or not up for it.


So yeah, most men spend half of their livelihood watching porn and imagining those stuff. But the truth is they are not feasible. Don’t judge yourself or don’t be too harsh on yourself if you are not able to perform like your favorite adult star. Remember you are doing this to satisfy yourself and they do it to satisfy you. As far as trying out new position is concerned, yes you can do that but that do takes some time and experience. You should not do stuff which you don’t feel good about. You have paid for this so you should do what you want. If you want a hand job before intercourse that’s totally fine. And lastly, it’s totally up to you how you want to make yourself happy, escort is there to make you achieve that. Good Luck.

Why do women become escorts

Let’s look at the different aspects. Escorts are divided into two parts High class and lower class the so called prostitutes.

The lower class gets away with the very easy deal that they are poor they need money and they have been lured or forced into this business (which might be true), so let’s skip this part and look at the other side if the coin. The high End escorts. The high end escorts grow up in a well to do family. They get all the opportunity and privileges to lead a fairly good life then why do they become escorts???

As rightly said TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH. Most High end escorts love there lavish life. They are not victimized they do it by their own choice. The idea of late night partying, drugs, drinks hits them hard and once they enter they don’t leave. Having intercourse with random men every now and then sounds like a low key affair to them.
Women are made in such a way that they want men to appreciate their beauty, there body, there curves and what not. So when hired by clients these escorts too make use of the opportunity and asks for services which usually gets fulfilled.

One aspect of high end escorts are sugar daddies. Older and rich men hiring younger women for a number of services such as staying with them, going to parties, moving across the globe with just for the cost of good company and the younger blood excitement they gain from them. High end escorts do maintain a certain class and they keep good care of their sugar daddies. Usually in this case the escorts are good looking women who are just not flippant about intercourse.

High end escorts are women with special features and they have no hesitation in flaunting themselves. For example, Victoria secret models are really hot and sexy, there are lot of men (even women) who are willing to have sex with them, and these women are not easy to find one can find these matching beauties in the luxury escort category.

Coming to the intercourse part. It requires mind and soul so the women who is satisfied from all other aspects will surely be willing to provide a great service to her client and will adhere to all his needs. You make a woman happy she will make you happy.

In truth these high end escorts women look and are same women we find dressed in night clubs, passing us on the street, reading books in library or sitting next to us. People seek what they pay for. Men can also satisfy themselves with the low end escorts but seeking satisfaction at different levels makes them seek these high end escorts.

Summing up, a women is first an escort, becoming a professional or low end or forcing herself into this business is totally her choice. It totally depends what they are trying to seek. It could be either there satisfaction, money or the lifestyle they expect to live in.

Why do men choose to go to escorts

Men is men

Males have an urge. Every now and then they have a need to excite themselves with a new female. Many times their girlfriends or wives are not willing to do stuff that the men want and the men in turn gives up. But that urge to try something new doesn’t goes down.

Sex is more of art of satisfaction. It has nothing to do with feelings. It might turn into something else but that comes with its drawbacks. Meanwhile escorts not just offers sexual satisfaction they also provide that sheer excitement that might be lacking in a person’s life. Many a times men prefer the same escort time and again only because they meet their intellectual level and satisfies them both mentally and physically. The new sex positions, the adrenaline rush, the idea of having that orgasm again and again keeps a man happy and who doesn’t deserves being a good shape and mood.

Men crave sex. Unlike women they want to live there fantasies and fulfill their fetish demands. Also with the women they love they are expected to show the woman a good time or else they are rejected. But with escorts, they feel like King, they feel appreciated and desired without having to put someone else’s need in front of them. They are relieved of responsibility and yeah this may sound selfish but yeah IT IS SELFISH. But putting oneself in a happy place should not be compared with selfishness. Escorts provide that feminine touch and sexual energy without any extra baggage.

Get great escorts

Escorts are great with role play which is a dream for almost any living men on earth. Escorts pretend like girlfriends, casual date, dominatrix and what not. Role play provides an incredible level of excitement and makes more intrigued about what’s going to happen next. These role play sexual escapades keeps the excitement and creativeness lively in men. Russian escorts are great at role play plus they are more preferred for their hair less body and smooth skin. Men who have been with Russian before know how it feels pushing inside a smoother and yet tighter pussy.

The best part about going to escorts is the ORAL SEX. Yes, 90 percent of women inhibit from doing it whatever their reason may be but escorts do provide oral sex and not just a good one, something that makes the men want it more and more and they even end up having orgasm through oral sex. And if the escort is out with the client they can have oral sex in the car or the staircase or public places which makes it even more exciting. Escorts are ready for anything and that makes move to the desirable window.