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Luxury To the Utmost

There are hundreds of reasons why the business class people preferring luxurious products and service themselves. And the common people really wish to have the same level of things with them also. I feel it is like a world of dreams. Luxury cars, expensive homes, top class life style and whatever they are preferring is quit costly to hire. We can see lots of luxurious things and activities around us. Most of them are unaffordable for the common people but they are really wish to have it. And few of them are working very hardly to achieve those top class positions.

Why Luxury is Special?

You may have asked this question yourself before hiring the most luxurious independent Bangalore escorts service provider. Why should I spend this much money to have the erotic entertainment services. And there are few call girls in Bangalore service the same kind of service for a cheap rate. Once the client started to think like this, it is easy for me to convince them about the quality of my Bangalore escorts services. Some of the clients already had some bitter experience with some girls, they are already convinced about the quality of luxurious escorts services and started to search for them already.

Luxury is always making emotional feeling and deep connections within the community. And the people taking it as a personal prestige. We know that everyone will not get the contact details of a celebrity Bangalore escorts girl. If you have money and you are very rich to hire it, then there is a chance to get service from a celebrity or an actress profile. The person who enjoyed service with such a luxurious celebrity profile is considered as a lucky man and person who is leading luxurious life style. He will feel proud in his mind and he will celebrate it very secretly.

Luxury is Equal to Quality

A common Bangalore escorts service provider will always offering cheap services to the clients. Low rate and lack of quality has a direct relationship. When the rate is coming down the quality of Bangalore escorts also coming down. Luxury is always expensive and people thinking it is only for the business class. Who will come and take service for such a huge amount? A common man will never think about it and he will try to negotiate the price. As the most luxurious personal entertainer in Bangalore I am always inviting the top end business class personalities and royal people only.

We know, the luxury class premium vehicles has lots advantages and top end features for safety and security. An economy vehicle will never follow these kinds of safety measure because the value is comparatively low. We won’t get luxury class vehicle in economy price but we really wish to get the luxury. The very same is happening here. You can see that I have written about the level of my Bangalore escorts services in the first paragraph of the index article. I really don’t want to waste your time whether you need cheap or economic escorts services in Bangalore.

Behind the Quality of Service

Let me think from the side of the clients. What are they expecting ? and what all they need to know about the premium Bangalore escorts? As everyone knows I am facing hundreds of questions every day. I am not an experienced escorts girl but I am deeply passionate to have a very nice time with my boyfriends. And I understood that my clients and enjoying my lovely behaviour and they need to come back to me for taking the same enjoyable companion service. They are saying that I am giving the exact service which they need to have.

Who is Uma Rai?

I can’t give you an answer in few words because I can’t limit the details in that few words. The client who is looking from outside my name is just indicating a name of an independent Bangalore escorts girl with a personal website. Myself I am a fashion with lots of experience in advertising and fashion shows. That is my profession only. As a professional model I am not ready to serve the clients whenever they need service. The client has to wait for my time. I used to find free time and tell the client to plan for erotic entertainment. That means Uma Rai is a real Bangalore escorts provider.

My website is exclusively for business class entertainment. The people who wish to have my service should have the ability to hire me. That means the website is inviting the wealthy personalities who need to enjoy the well appointed escorts activities. You may have noticed the brand name and value of Uma Rai. The name is beyond the concept of a website or a person’s name. It became a brand name which showing the quality, trustworthiness, safety and satisfaction. I am thankful for my clients because they made me such popular profile for perfect Bangalore escorts services.

Dedication To Quality

I have never thought about short cuts to make everyone happy. as per my knowledge there is no short cuts to deliver the most excellent Bangalore escorts services to the clients. The girl who is ready to serve the client should work very hardly to meet the all personal requirements of the clients. And there is no short cuts. I am sure my dedication to deliver the wonderful erotic experience is the only factor that made me the quality service provider. The people who already took my service can easily assure their friends about the quality of my services because they have already feel the perfection.

I am just sticking on my style to give the best service to the clients. That made me the right and leading profile for high end escorts services in Bangalore. The common escort girl are trying to follow my own style to get more clients but they don’t know how Uma Rai become the best profile in the city. As per the knowledge of the brokers and agents they are trying to become another Uma Rai but if they don’t have the dedication towards the needs of the clients, they will never become Uma Rai. It is me and I can only give you the most excellent escorts service in Bangalore city.

Choose the Best Always

Hello my dear gentlemen, choosing the right and best is one of the toughest test in our life. It may be a property, life partner, book, course, life style etc. I have seen lots of clients who are sending a mail to each and every service providers in Bangalore to know about the quality of services and to get the pictures of the high profile Bangalore escorts girls. I know they are trying their level best to find the best profile to enjoy the high profile Bangalore escorts services. Once I got the mail I will try my level maximum to make them convince that I am the best among all the Bangalore escorts service providers.

Where to Find

Why the clients are going through each and every website? Answer is very simple, the client needs to do a comparison study before choosing the right girl. Different websites are delivering different levels of services. You can see some websites are designed in very nice way but the profiles they are sending is equal to the low class call girls in Bangalore. If you need a perfect experience with a high class Bangalore escorts you have to find such a service provider or website in the beginning. It is not an easy process to find the professional and dedicated Bangalore escorts in Bangalore city area.

The client has to send a mail to the service provider first to know whether they are vigilant to know the requirements of the clients. The real top end Bangalore escorts service provider will revert with the complete details of the service along with rates. They way they are explaining about the services will help you to know the level or quality of the Bangalore escorts services. This is the first step to know the exact information of services. If you are convinced about the perfection or dedication of the service you can carry on with the same service provider or else the client can search for the nest.

Access the Entire Details

The real and intelligent client has to ask for the entire details of the services. That will help the client to know every aspect of the service. As per the most leading and favourite Bangalore escorts service provider I must tell you that customer is still the king and he has the right to know everything whatever her is going buy or taking the service. And a genuine top end escorts service provider in Bangalore will disclose the details without any deny. So the client should ask about the steps to be taken and what all are the systems they are following while delivering the services.

Once you got the entire details of the services you can move forward by taking the appointment. As you know fixing the appointment is very important because most of the celebrity class escorts are very busy with their day to day activities. It will be a slow process so it will be time consuming. Don’t get angry for the slow reaction from the service provider. The real classy celebrities and models are getting lots of mails asking about the Bangalore escorts services. So they have to take a decision before taking it forward. I just need to tell the clients that please be patient because you are going to have the best Bangalore escorts service only.

Fun An Escort

Sounds pretty dangerous but if properly taken care of this is the best thing a person can enjoy. Oral intercourse involves stimulation of genitals of one person by other using other person’s teeth, tongue.

Oral involves a lot of fantasy. Men can never get tired of it and enjoy it to core.

Doing It On The Client

This involves performing oral stimulation of men’s penis using the escort’s mouth. This still comes in a safe category because there is always a condom to save the day. Some escort are pretty good at deep throats and this is every man’s dream. Only thing to be taken care of is condom should not break and if it does stop right there and clean yourself with antiseptic pretty quick. One way to be on the safer side is you can get the escort tested before having an encounter with her. But sometimes results can be flawed so take your preventive measures. Prevention is better than cure.

Doing It On The Escort

This is rare case, the chances of this happening is pretty thin because clients really want to stay away from this act because this is one thing that scares them the most. And realistically it should be avoided too. Some clients do get carried away and if they perform oral sex on the escort get yourself tested pretty soon. And also make sure to ask the escort beforehand if she is not infected.

The 69

The most curious positions of all and super scary too. Avoid it. No other way to say it straight but this act does allow a lot of possibilities of contracting an infection so stay away. This should only be done with trusted partners. Again if you really want to try it out then get ready to take your chances. You must not deny it in future that you were tricked into it. Also the escorts should also stay hygienic if they want the client to perform oral on them. It is the most explicit feeling ever so I am sure every person wants to try it out but in order to do it take care of yourself both in matter of cleaning and staying away from viruses.

One way to ensure prevention is to approach high class agents, they run a serious business and don’t want to land in trouble so they get there escort’s tested every now and then to run a smooth business. They offer “Girlfriend experience” escorts wherein they are made to trust the escort before beginning the act. Some high profile men do prefer oral over penetration because after certain age they want to enjoy a different feeling and they do pay high amounts to get a good escort to satisfy their needs.

Again, how you want to do it, what are your fantasies it’s totally up to you but you should be careful. Nothing spoils having fun more than the sight of medicines.

How To Handle Virgin Clients

Although there is nothing called as virginity for men but the first timers are always called so. They are way too excited and don’t know how to handle their energy. Not knowing the proper skills would leave them unsatisfied. Quick facts for an escort to handle first time clients:

Don’t Use Your Skills

Don’t start showing your sexual skills, they might get scared because may be its too much for them. Just stick to plain vanilla intercourse. After the first encounter, if the client comes successfully then give him some time and then discuss what he should like to do next. The next time the client will be more relaxed and will not hyperventilate too much about it.

If a client is getting way too tensed about himself then talk to him calmly and make him feel masochistic. Men always feel good hearing about their bodies. Tease him a little, act friendly and take baby steps for foreplay.
Once you are totally into foreplay don’t rush over things. Let him get confident about himself and then ask him to penetrate you. The intercourse lasts long or not look satisfied either way. If they feel you are satisfied they would feel confident about their skills.

Give Constructive Inputs When Having Discussion

Before the act when you are having the discussion about his requirements and if they are pretty notch then it gives an indication that it’s his first time. Veteran clients are pretty specific about their needs and are not ready to discuss each and everything.

Do give your inputs when you feel something is out of the court. Tell him how something could go wrong if it is his first time. Also, if he is not aware of anything then let him know about different things that you could both try and he would enjoy it.

Let Him Feel At Ease

Let him relax, keep the atmosphere calm, talk to him, try to connect emotionally with him, this would help the escort in long run because if the client likes to do over things then he would come back for you time and again and you will have a regular client. But don’t get too involved, if he starts to divulge too much details about his situation then stop him. You should be the one to take the responsibility so that he does not crosses the line and things don’t get complicated.

If he asks you to initiate then start with pretty basic. Kissing, touching, hugging would establish a belief in his head and he would take in further. Once he is hard he is good to go but till then help him reach that level.

If Nothing Works

If nothing works then just get out of the room, have a good time, roam around, and have few drinks and when he feels up for it then come back do it. If he doesn’t feel up for doing it tonight despite all your efforts don’t push him too much. Leave. But establish a connection so that the same client would want to see you again and you can let him have a good time.

Pros/ Cons Of Seeing An Escort

You sure are pumped up about the fact that you will get to see a number of different women every now and then but will that really help in staying competent.

Here are a few look around thoughts of seeing an escort.


• You are not burdened about commitment.
• You get to choose what kind of women you want.
• You can have a good time purely designed based on your requirements.
• You get to try a number of different positions.
• You can talk about sex openly without feeling any hesitation.
• You can totally act based upon your mood.
• You get to flaunt your women around.
• You don’t worry about running errands.
• You don’t worry about raising a family.
• You don’t get bored of sex because every women offers a different style.
• You can as Bangalore escorts to do a number of different services for you.
• You get a young, vibrant and passionate partner for your overseas journey.
• You are in control of your situation.
• You don’t worry about someone getting hurt with your emotions.
• You act swiftly in case of any wrong happenings.
• You can discuss your requirements with call girls in Bangalore beforehand to make sure nothing goes wrong in the real act.
• You don’t have to withdraw in case something goes wrong.


• You will drift apart from your social life.
• You will have to take care of a number of things when seeing an escort.
• You need to have ample amount of finances to care of this life style.
• You get addicted to this and miss the real shot of having a real family.
• You will get into trouble if you fall for Bangalore escorts.
• You have to act smart and keep the answer of all questions ready in case of need.
• You might contract STD if you are not being careful with protective measures.
• You have to be worried about oral sex too even though you enjoy it, it might not be a good idea in the long run.
• The lack of transparency in this business can also make it difficult to know if you are paying someone who chose to do this willingly or was forced into it. Latter is not good.
• You will miss out the part of having a companion to discuss your woes.
Bangalore Escorts can be manipulative and can trick you into buying stuffs for them which will hit your pocket too hard.
• You may feel like a loser for resorting to paying a stranger who may be addicted to drugs and knowing they are doing it not because they want you, they are just making money and want to get over with it as soon as possible.
• Continuously seeing different might bother you sub consciously if you are that sought of person.
• You have to do a lot of research before actually being a part of this industry.
Summing up, there are two sides of each and every action. But you have to realize if you can really handle it and that you don’t get too overwhelmed by it.

Making Most Of Older Escorts

Mature escorts have a lot to offer. Their experience, their knowledge, their understanding of what men want and need, but most of all, it is their maturity that is desirable for sophisticated men, as well as nervous beginners.

The Needs

Some clients can define their needs pretty bluntly: a blow job from a pretty girl is nothing if not direct. There are lots of those clients out there. But there is another group whose needs are not so well defined. Reaching those potential clients requires more than a cute selfie and a enticing words. In practice, it means marketing the intangibles of the escort experience and, in many cases, a mature escort is particularly well-suited to this.
Why Men Seek Older Escorts

Men seek Bangalore escorts experience for a host of reasons: they are dissatisfied with their current sexual partner; they may not be able to obtain one or more of their sexual desires with her; or they may not have a partner at all and don’t want the complications of dating and sex. More broadly still, they might be reluctant, embarrassed, or unable to articulate (and thus, fulfill) the desires they have been lusting after. When a commercial solution is sought, an older escort may be the perfect solution. She combines experience, a non-judgmental attitude, wisdom, and a capacity to understand and recognize what the client may not really acknowledge himself. Maturity brings a measure of honesty and acceptance to an erotic encounter. And in the best instances, compassion and kindness as well.
What could be the force behind this attraction?

• Nothing surprises a mature, experienced escort. Through her years in the industry, she has heard every excuse, request, accuse and plea used by clients.

• If you are curious about experimenting with a new (to you) fetish or sexual position, it’s likely that your escort can tell you about it. She won’t judge you or change her impression of you, because she knows that clients have many layers to them, including perverse and dark ones. It’s a relief to book an encounter with a mature as well as high class Bangalore escorts, since you can let your fears go about how she will feel with what you have to offer or what you want to do.

• Older call girls in Bangalore are experts at what they do. They know how the industry functions and are proficient about how to book an encounter and make it work. They are extremely discreet, which is a huge benefit for you. But, in addition to knowing the ins and outs of the business, they are experts at the services they provide to you.

• Mature escorts may exhibit more compassion and kindness than their younger counterparts. Depending on what you’re looking for a Bangalore escorts, the fact that she has developed more empathy and patience over the years may be just what you need. If you’re hesitant or insecure with women (or your bedroom abilities), she can slowly entice you to come out of your shell for a great experience.

• Learning a trick or two is definitely possible from a more mature escort. Through her years in the industry, she has experimented with intimate activities and learned what works and what doesn’t. She knows how to please herself and, likely, how to please you in no time flat. Her knowledge of the male body and its erogenous zones is amazing. Even though you may think you have swung from the ceiling fan a time or two with a hot babe, the sex you have experienced in your short existence is nothing compared to what she can give you.

Seeing An Escort (Expectation Vs Reality)

When you decide to see an escort or start seeing escorts to relieve your tension then you should be aware of a lot more going behind the scene. As simple as it sounds, calling someone arranging a meeting and then her adhering to all your needs may sound quite easy but it’s not as is sounds.

Expectation Vs Reality:

  • You expect the escort to be as hot as the pictures shown to you but my friend that is not true at all. I am not denying the fact that escorts are hot, they are but they might look a little clogged when you see them in reality. Don’t get sad or put your mood off if your expectations are not met. Just remember you have to make most of your money and time. On the other hand if your expectations are met then don’t get too overwhelmed. Stay calm and engage swiftly in the act.
  • She will satisfy you. Yes she will but she will make you want it more and more. If your sessions goes fine them you would want to see the escorts again and again.
  • She will not say no to anything. She has all the right to deny when she is not feeling okay about something. And you can force her too.
  • She will stay for the night and listen to you. She will not stay. As soon as her time gets over she will get adamant about leaving. If you want someone overnight then plan accordingly.
  • She will be hygienic. Don’t ever do this mistake of trying to fool yourself into this. Escorts see different men all day they are bound to be unhygienic. Here you have to take the call whether you want to go all bare or you need your protection.
  • Oral sex are complimentary. No they are not, before you see an escort you have to be specific about your needs, you have to mention in detail what all you want to while you are having intercourse. Which parts you want during foreplay, where do you want her to touch you.
  • She would want you to go down on her. No she is not expecting to do things to her. She is getting paid she is supposed to provide services to you. It’s your call whether you want to perform oral or not.
  • You can have a connection with her. Don’t fool yourself that you can ask her for extra favors such as emotional support. They will do that but they might end up taking advantage of you. And you being an emotional croon will listen to her all the time.
  • Lastly, the client should not forget that he is the king here. The Bangalore escort is here to make him feel good. He can ask her to do things to him and yet not feel at all guilty about it. Escorts make clients feel young and passionate and they might regain their masochistic feeling back. But there are certain things that needs to be followed and maintained because this is a business. You come see someone get your things done you leave. That’s it. No strings attached.

    Services By Escort

    If you desire to go beyond and try something new then welcome to the clan everybody wants to do so. special escort service comes with its own baggage and does provide a greater level of excitement. The main problem is the girlfriends or wife don’t approve of anal sex and thus the man is left unsatisfied. This is where our sweet clients play a role and provide anal services to clients. Escorts know how to make the client enjoy if this is his first time.

    Prior Research

    If you are an anal virgin do some prior research before you decide to have anal sex? Anal part can be tricky requires little knowledge in terms of lubricants, the method. Anal requires a constant up keep and diet in hygiene. Everyone wants the ass. People are obsessed about it.

    An anal sex date is not like any other date. The ass does not need to be wined and dined. In fact, an anal date is much like going to the zoo, as the same rules apply… do not feed the animals. Dining your anal date beforehand is never the best idea. Rather a sensual buildup of lubrication, some Prosecco, candles, and soothing music that beats to the rhythm of the heart is always best. This relaxes the date and thus opens her up to you. Once you have enjoyed your appetizer, then go on for the main course!

    The Date

    Stay calm, don’t hyperventilate too much on the fact that anal is something huge and you are actually going to do it today. After the escort enters the room, don’t start abruptly, take some time let her relax around the environment. When she asks you what you demand first then ask her to suck, suck you hard, but don’t come in her mouth. Ask her to put lubricants on her ass and oil it well. Before you enter into her make sure you too are lubricated. Spanking the girl will increase the pleasure. Once you enter take things slow and let yourself relax inside her. After you feel good start thrusting, occasional spanking will make the moment more exciting because when you spank a girl she clenches her butts and holds on your dick making her grip tighter. Make the humping faster in the end and keep asking her in between if she is okay or enjoying it.

    Near the end make sure you come inside your condom and there is no spillage. To avoid any embarrassing moments keep a towel at hand. Be cooperative, don’t dwell much on the fact that she is here to provide you a service so you don’t hold any responsibility for your actions. That’s not the case, you two are involved and should engage in the act mutually.

    Keep yourself sanitized. Clean yourself after the act. If possible clean together in the washroom may be a desire arise and then the next session is inside the washroom itself. A mere hope gives more excitement and thus one should always be open to options. Enjoy.