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Right Plan Leads to Success

Deal all, once again I am back with a blog which is openly telling the importance of planning before doing. You know very well that I am interested to deal and communicate with genuine top class society members. They used to discuss about the offered services and charges with me. And once it is confirmed they will deposit some advance and making sure that the profile will be available on the day on the spot. They may be visiting Bangalore for any personal or business related doings. But I will never interfere on such matters. It is my duty to serve the best Bangalore escorts service on the planned time.


You may have read about my portfolio in the index page of my personal website. I am a professional fashion model girl working for one of the leading advertisement agency in Bangalore. I have relocated to Bangalore to find great opportunities in this field. That means I will be busy with my job and job related activities. Once I finishes my daily job related activities then only I will start thinking about my Bangalore escorts services. An immediate call for taking escorts service will not work in my case. And I will never stop my job to meet my clients. Here comes the importance of personal appointment.

Once the client fixed an appointment I can move and plan based on the day. I can postpone the works which I have committed or I will never give appointment to any other modelling related works. And I can plan everything based on the time slot which I have allowed him. Even the clients can also plan few things within this time period. As per my experience such advanced plans are always become successful. And I wish to make every attempt of enjoying Bangalore escorts service successful with my innovative ideas. Regular clients are already understood the importance of preplanning.

I have My Rules

Let me tell you frankly that my style and my rules are always different from common Bangalore escorts service providers. Here I am deciding whether the client is eligible for taking my appointment and enjoy the time with me. We know the client is spending a huge money to hire the best Bangalore escorts girl to enjoy his secret time. But it is not meant that the escort girls are slaves. You are paying to take the service and that is the limitation of the client. He is not allowed to interfere on other things like personal matters. Hope you are understanding about the term “my rules”.

I am always telling about the importance of taking the appointments but few of the clients are not understanding why I am telling them to do that. But once they are fully ready for the service I will not be available because I have already committed to work with any other projects. The last moment requirements will not be considered as a serious decision. So I am requesting the elite class personalities and businessmen to contact me and communicate regarding the appointment. I am always thinking about the success of the deal and happy ending of the Bangalore escorts services.

Get Mentally Refreshed

Why the business class people hiring the best Bangalore escorts for enjoying their free time? Do you think this is a small and easy question to answer? I have already explained this point few months back but my website and blog readers didn’t get idea of that blog with its complete meaning. As per my knowledge there thousands of dealings are happening in each and every day in Bangalore. We can classify the Bangalore escorts service providers in different categories. Low class is call girls in Bangalore, middle level is common escort girls and high profile is business class escorts services. The most wanted service is business class escorts only.

A Change from Routine

Business class people have their own style in daily life. Most of them are very busy with their activities. They are completely dedicated to run their business. That means they will not feel cool because of different activities in business. Controlling a business is not limited in few number of activities. It is a huge work like controlling the staff, dealing and communicating with clients, planning the future projects etc. That means the businessmen will be on duty over the entire year. His mental pressure and stress will be higher than any common personality in Bangalore. He will not get any free time for enjoying his life.

Here we have a solution for the business class people who used to go for business trips inside the country and outside the country. Travel escorts will come with you for delivering personal entertainment services and support you as a personal assistant. I am sure that will help you to enjoy a lot in your busy life. Most of the high class independent Bangalore escorts are delivering the same level of services to the business class clients. If you are interested to hire a beautiful escorts girl for your business trip please contact me. I promise you, that you can enjoy the business trip more than anything.

Get Released from Stress

As a high profile and most wanted Bangalore escorts service girl I have noticed an important point. The elite class clients who are taking service is trying get out of their mental stress. My clients are saying that a dedicated personal entertainment service will help them to come out of their mental related issues. They have already proved themselves and that’s why they are hiring the best Bangalore escorts girls for secret entertainment frequently. Most of the regular clients are coming to my in-call place to have the premium erotic services. And I am always happy to serve my precious customers.

Enjoying erotic activities will help the people to get more mental power. It is proved by the sexologists. I have read lots of articles regarding that. The regular clients are allowed to access the details of services and allowing them to take an easy appointment. I am suggesting you to go through some articles which will give you the importance of erotic activities in healthy life. The people who understood the value of enjoying escorts services are always enjoying it. And it is helping them a lot to work very hardly in their life. Get more details through search engines and start hiring the great profiles.

The Bad Experience

Hello honey, I have came back to you with a nice blog post which is explaining the some negative sides of common Bangalore escorts service providers. If we are considering the concept of escorts service in Bangalore we have to classify it in different levels. Low level is always well known as call girls in Bangalore. And the next level is regular or common escorts profiles. Celebrity class is the most expansive and enjoyable level of Bangalore escorts services. As a popular fashion model I am interested in delivering the top end services to the clients.

Beware of Fake

Last month I got a mail asking the finest Bangalore escorts experience. I have given all the details like charges, place etc. The client came and taken the service but he is sad about thinking his last experience with another service provider. Actually those people are not Bangalore escorts service provider, they are just posting the ads in classified websites and attracting the people. Once the client reached their secret place, they will snatch their valuables and other belongings. He lost more than twenty five thousand rupees and some personal documents. He was totally sad thinking of that incident.

I also feel sad because those kinds of incidents will affect the trustworthiness of all premium class Bangalore escorts service providers. Sometimes the high class people will stop hiring the girls afraid of these money snatchers. I told the client that I am helpless because the people who snatched his money will never use the same number for contacting the next client and they will come up with another technique to trap new clients who wish to enjoy the secret time with high class Bangalore escorts girls. So I have suggested him to avoid classified websites for reaching the top class escort girls because we are not at all using it.

Offering Top and Delivering Cheap

This is an another way of putting the clients in trouble without delivering exact service which the client is paid for. The low class call girls service providers in Bangalore is finding new ways to make money without delivering quality service. These people always using the free classified websites for finding the clients. They are posting eye-catching advertisements and asking the clients to reach their place. They will show a beautiful girl and taking the money. Once they received the money they will give any local call girl for the service. As the clients already made the payment he is not able to do anything.

Lots of elite class clients are trapped by these kinds of people. And these experiences make them to think that all the escorts service providers are very same. And they will never give good services to their clients. It is very clear that they have chosen wrong way to reach the high class Bangalore escorts girls. I have repeatedly posted about such incidents but none of the new clients thinking about it. They are thinking that they will get the very same girl which is shown in the classified advertisement. I hope this article will help you to think of avoiding the local call girls and find the real high class companions.

The Concept of Escorts Agency

I am beginning my latest article with a big thank you to the readers of my blogs. You are encouraging me a lot by posting the comments and positive reviews. I know you are reading my article by taking time and thinking about yourself. I got very few negative reviews but I am taking it as a positive suggestion from the readers and I will make necessary changes based on the reviews. It is very clear that all are unanimously saying that my blog for Bangalore escorts services is one of the best among all other portals. It gives me lots of pleasure in my service.

What is Escorts Agency

It is a concept of hiring the escort girls to serve the clients. The agent or owner of the escorts agency will decide who should get hired for service. There will be a person who controls everything. The escorts profiles will be changed in every specific period time. You can’t find any independent escorts girls with such escort agencies because usually the independent profiles will never try to contact agencies for services. The agency system will never give privacy to the girls as well as clients. The escort girl must serve whoever reaching the place to get the service.

The girl who is working with a Bangalore escort agency has no limitations in the number of daily clients. And there is no speciality in their services. Few of my friends where joined with an agency last year but the girls stopped working because of the pressure of the business owner. The girl who joined in an agency should be ready to serve the clients without questions. This way of serving the clients will never lead to a success story of both escort girl and escort agency. It is just a way of making money and nothing beyond that concept.

This is not an Agency

As I know the dedicated girls will never show interest to join with Bangalore escorts agency activities. There are hundreds of reasons why they are skipping the chance to get clients through agencies. First of all the major portion of the payment is taking away by the agents or owners of the agency. Second there is no freedom of life if the girl is working with an agency. They have to reschedule the time based on the arrival of clients and their requirements. I am not at all running a Bangalore escorts agency, this is an open group of real independent escort girls in Bangalore.

In Bangalore the concept of Bangalore escorts agency is not completely successful but some of the clients are still approaching the leading agencies for finding their escort girls. There are few advantages for if you are depending an escort agency. You will get different profile to choose and you can get a perfect choice based on your budget. As an independent escorts girl I would like to request the agency people, please don’t offer independent services from your side as you are a genuine escorts agency and give something extra to the girls who is working hardly for your growth.

Place for Service in Bangalore City

My dear readers I came back with a an article which is considered as one of the main factor for the successful delivery of Bangalore escorts services. This is not a new subject for you and me but I wish to write once again about this because the factor lead to lots of misunderstandings in the last month. In-call and Out-call are the two different places where the Bangalore escorts services will be delivered. I have clearly mentioned what is in-call and what is out-call. In-call is my place where I can guarantee the safety from my side and out-call should be a branded star hotel.

In-call is Limited

As it is my place and I am staying here for a long time. I will not invite everyone to my place because I don’t think that everyone who taking service can assure about my safety. And I don’t want to be uncomfortable while staying at my own place. Very few regular clients are coming to my in-call escorts. I have already made sure that such clients will never disclose my personal details and secret place to any other people. That surety and trust made me keep connected with me for a long time. I will invite you also but before that I should feel secure with you.

Lots of clients are approaching me to have in-call escorts services in Bangalore but I am not ready to utter a single word about it. One of my friends who is working as escorts in Bangalore had an issue. She invited a new client to her place and they enjoyed a lot. After few days he came directly to her without saying or taking prior appointment. She was sitting with her friends. That incident reminding me that do not disclose any details about my secret in-call place where I am living safe. It doesn’t mean that you will never get the opportunity, be my genuine, regular and most trustworthy client.

Out-Call with Few Restrictions

You may have noticed the list of the places where I am ready to come for services. I feel the listed places are most secured for my independent Bangalore escorts services. I would like to give a list of hotels which are safe for secret meeting and erotic fun but I think it will affect the brand image of those hotels and sometimes they will not feel good. So I have avoided that option. But I am ready to share a big list of hotels which are completely free from problems. Once you fix the appointment I can tell you the advantages of each and every hotel so you can choose one based on that.

There are few restriction while you are taking appointment for out-call Bangalore escorts services. The client should check in the hotel room before two hours and should make me a call from the landline number. Or else I will call to the room landline to talk to the client. Once communication finished I will start from my place. The people who are not ready to disclose the room number or other personal details will not get the Bangalore escorts service with me. Please remember in-call escorts means my place and out-call escorts means your place or any star hotel accommodation booked by the client.

Be A Genuine Client

I am very happy to publish one more blog post for my readers. This is a very important as well as the base of my Bangalore escorts service. Every client will not be served even he has money and really need to take service. The client should be ready to disclose the personal details to make me comfortable. Let’s look into a few incidents which happened a few days back. I am sure this will be helpful for the clients who are seriously looking for services. The people who are offering Bangalore escorts services to all levels of clients will not be high profile.

Personal Information Always Crucial

A client is contracting for services and he needs to know all the details of services including pictures. I am ready to give service related information like special services, do and don’ts etc. But pictures will be shared only after the client ready to disclose the personal details. It may be Facebook profile, twitter profile or any other online website profile. Your personal phone number is a crucial point for that. Some clients kept a spare number for contacting Bangalore escorts girls. And that number will not help both of to go for a successful deal. So please make sure that you are going to share the genuine personal number.

Once I feel comfortable with the client I will send the pictures and other details. But I have noticed that few of the genuine clients also not ready to share the personal details. I used to try my level maximum to convince them about my Bangalore escorts services as limitations as an independent escorts girl. I think they are afraid to share the details and thinking whether the service provider will misuse the personal details. Actually, it is a misunderstanding. A genuine and high profile Bangalore escorts service provider will never think like that. I feel I need more privacy than clients.

Mutual Understanding

Never think that the high profile Bangalore escorts are offering their service to trap or back mail the clients. If you are approaching the service provider with such a mentality you will never get a nice service, because a low-class call girl in Bangalore only will be ready to serve the client without asking the personal details. My website is offering celebrity class escorts service in Bangalore so each and every movement should be careful. Some people are continuously trying to make us in trouble. They don’t want to take the service but they will take the appointment and waste our time.

You may know I have my own rules and regulations in delivering services. And I will never go for a deal as per the rules of the clients because clients are always trying to make their side safe not at all considering the Bangalore escorts girls. In-call or out-call will be selected based on the mutual understanding of the client and escort girl. I have studied a lot from my experience so I know how to go for a good and perfect deal with the client. I need to make the client comfortable while myself feeling good. Hope my clients are aware of the importance of mutual understanding and how it will be helpful for a successful deal.

Popularity and Quality

Rolling out the red carpet to a fresh article posted by Uma Rai Bangalore. I am feeling proud because I am the one and only person who is talking about the recent subjects related to Bangalore escorts services. And you can see the comments that getting for the blogs, it reveals that some clients are always waiting for my blog posts and it helping them to choose the best independent escorts service providers based on the current situations. I can easily find out the solutions on your requirements and I have lots of options for my clients.

The Factor Behind Popularity

As you know I am a well fashion model and working for one of the best ad agencies in Bangalore city. My face is familiar for each and every person but they don’t know my actual name and my secret services. My clients are business tycoons, top end director board members, real estate deals, and other top class people coming from out of the country. They know about me and they have seen my face and structure in television. Such an attraction made them to think about hiring the top expensive Bangalore escorts services with me. My profession is the secret behind my popularity.

You will feel that I am using my popularity to find my clients. I will never try to search and find costumers for my independent Bangalore escorts services because it is not my way. The client should reach me and they have to offer the best prices for my services. I really don’t want to ask a particular amount from them because I am not happy in that. My clients should offer based on their need of service with me. The people who know my level and class of services will offer me the best and I need such clients only. Others will be rejected.

Quality is My Worth

We are paying money for every product or service that we are taking. Have you ever thought, what is the base of the value for that? It is very simple, the quality of the product or excellence of the service is the real base of the value. If a particular thing has no quality, there is no value. And vice versa. Uma Rai is not just a common escort girl, she is one of the popular ad model and familiar face in Bangalore city. Lots of people attracted to her and dreaming to have a nice fun with her. That made the value for her and that requirements making her one of the most wanted escort girl in the garden city.

I don’t want to make false promises to my lovable clients because they are precious relationships for me. I am doing my level best to make everyone happy and that is my responsibility. If you are sincerely need my service please send me your personal details because I will never try to meet a unfamiliar person because I afraid it will affect my personal life and career. I hope you understood my feelings. A popular fashion and advertisement model like me will never try spoil the future. And I am not interested to waste the time of my clients. Thanks a lot to understanding my feelings.

How I became #1

Uma Rai Bangalore Escorts


Welcome to another brand new blog post by Uma Rai Bangalore. I am going to describe the way how I became the number one in Bangalore escorts. This is a world of hardworking and entertainment. As a high class independent Bangalore escorts service girl I need to maintain the quality in all levels of services. If you are going through the search engine results page for the keyword “Bangalore escorts” it will show you hundreds of websites and thousands of contacts. But still my website is the most trusted one among all the business class clients in the city. Let me tell you the secrets behind it.

Doing the Needful

Each and every client has his own vision while coming to meet an escort service girl. My duty is to deliver the most excellent service to the client based on the personal needs. I used to communicate with the clients to understand their wishes and dreams with a companion girl. And that helping me a lot to fulfill the needs very easily. I am offering most of the escort related services like event companionship, travel escorts and all other. I am a passionate girl who is always crazy to have good time with new boyfriends. My clients can easily understand my interest in delivering services.

I know, the clients have their own imaginations when looking for services. And they are really stick on that to get satisfied. A money minded Bangalore escorts service provider couldn’t give a nice service. It will be a way of acting only. They will never ask whether the client is happy or sad after taking the services. As I told you, Uma Rai is not just a name of website and person. It showing the credible brand image of having high class Bangalore escorts services and complete satisfaction. Those who know the reality of companion services in Bangalore will get service through my personal website only.

Long Term Relationship

Usually the clients won’t keep a relationship with the personal entertainment service providers because they know it is the matter of money only. But in my case the existing concepts have broken. I wish a nice relationship every one of you. We should know each other to enjoy some nice moments. And most of the clients also wish the very same. Habitually the clients are taking services in the vacations. And they will be a mood of enjoying the time. Of course my duty is to make the moments unforgettable with lots of unusual erotic fun. Slowly it will go to a good relationship with the client.

The website is showing my personal phone number only but I am not ready to answer all the calls which are coming to me. I am not interested to talk to the strangers who are interested in my services. The new client should mail me the requirements and get the appointment. A working professional like me will never get lots of time to communicate. So I prefer online chatting before fixing the deal. Please don’t forget that I will never interested to deliver services who are not comfortable with me. So please don’t negotiate and don’t make me uncomfortable. Be a romantic client and enjoy the time with an open mind.

Myself Independent


Hi my dear, welcome to a fresh blog post which will help to know deeply about me and my independent Bangalore escorts services. I think this is one of the most searched keyword in leading search engines. The people who used to hire the high class companion in garden city know about the advantages of enjoying time with an independent escort girl. The whole website is describing about it. That’s why I am telling my clients to go through each and every lines of description to know about me. Know about me and my escort services to have a very nice time together.

Always the Best

Once I planned to enter to the world of premium Bangalore escorts services I have determined that I should be an independent escort service provider. And I will never try to make a tie up with any third parties like broker or agents. Most of the elite class clients know that an agency system is not enough to deliver the complete privacy to the clients. Most of the celebrity class escorts are not interested to work with agencies because those third parties are taking away a big portion of the service price. And the escort girls will be responsible for the entire amount which the client spending.

I will never approach a client to take my service and I will never ready to serve in a sudden requirement. I am following my rules and regulations to maintain the quality level of Bangalore escorts services. A call girl can approach the client by offering the service but an ultimate Bangalore escorts girl like me will never try to reach the client by offering services. Quality is the right factor that attracting the clients to my services. I am a common but beautiful girl with very nice behaviour. And the way of delivering my top class independent Bangalore escorts services will give you complete fun in all ways.

Service Quality Guaranteed

A mutual understanding and good relationship will always the best way for enjoying the luxurious personal entertainment. I am always ready to disclose my personal details but only after I am confirming that I am communicating with a genuine high class client. y clients are always welcome to ask about me and my services. I have tried my level maximum to show the entire details of my services in my portal pages but some clients may need to know few more secret things. We can start out communication in mail and later we can shift into online chatting applications like WhatsApp or any other leading one.

Grabbing the real high class or celebrity level independent Bangalore escorts services still very tough. Sometimes it is consuming a big portion of the time but not at all sure about the availability of nice services. The lucky people will get the right independent escorts girl and the unlucky people will connect only the agents. Take your time and make sure that you are connecting the right independent escorts in Bangalore not a male person who is working as an agent. I promise you that my website is running and maintaining by myself only. And there is no role for third parties.

Colourful Events

Time keep going on by making lots of changes in the daily life. Compared to the modern days the people who lived in past were not comfortable with hiring with the Bangalore escorts girls. And there was no option for high profile Bangalore escorts, only cheap call girls in Bangalore. No we are living in the post modern world of fun and entertainment. The people who works hard is always searching for good opportunities to enjoy their life. Most of my clients are living with this concept. Work hard to make money and spend the money to enjoy the life.

The Ultimate Events

The wealthy people who are planning to make every events in life with lot of colour is looking for new ideas. The guests should be entertained and they have to memorise the event in their life. How can we make it more attractive. The high level event management companies are hiring premium Bangalore escorts to attract the guests. Few days back Bangalore witnessed a week long marriage of girl who is the daughter of a politician. Most of the pretty escorts from entire India came for the function. Because the vent management company has arranged it to make the wedding more colourful than any other.

There are lots of event management companies came forward to copy the same way of hiring Bangalore escorts girls for the functions. It making a difference in total set of the function. And it is easy for the clients to see the escort girls directly and hire them for service. This thing is happening very secretly. If you have read my old articles you can easily understand that why I have given such a subject here. I have written that the best business people will utilise the all available recourses to build their business opportunities. The brilliant people will use the time and all opportunities.

Make Everything Memorable

The event management companies are looking for innovative ideas for every events for their clients. I got some good friends within Bangalore city who is promoting some public events. They are coming to me to hire the most beautiful Bangalore escorts girls. Their duty is just to walk with bride or groom while they are coming for the function. And of course the people ready to pay very good for such girls. If you are also planning any events you can connect me for the support. The girls who are coming only for the function will never give service because it is a different concept.

I hope this article will help the people to think differently about taking the service of Bangalore escorts. And this is a proof to make you understood that the companion girls are useful for lots of activities. I have already posted about the same subject but now I am getting experience from the elite class clients. Please think about the new concepts which I have shared here and develop the fresh ideas from it. I am thankful for the readers who are following the my blog posts every day. I am inviting the new concepts in the shape of comments. Thank you all.